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City of Loveland, 2009 Help

  This information represents calls for service for the past 52 weeks. This information is updated every Monday. It does not include calls for service which occurred at the Loveland Police Department nor does it include certain types of calls which may not be releasable to the public or are administrative in nature.
  The address match rate is approximately 95%. One "dot" on any subsequent map can represent more than one call. The Larimer County Sherriff's Office has jurisdiction in areas located beyond the Loveland city limits. Occasionally, the Loveland Police Department may assist other law enforcement agencies on calls beyond the city limits.
  The Loveland Police Department’s Calls for Service report lists calls that the Police Department received and entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch system. The call description is as received in the dispatch center; the final outcome of the investigation may be different. A call for service does not necessarily translate to a criminal event.
  Information contained on this web site changes quickly. Therefore, the City of Loveland cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Reliance on any information provided herein is at the user’s sole risk. The City of Loveland shall not be responsible for any use or reliance on information provided or the lack of any information present that might result in injury or damage of any kind.
  If you require additional information, please contact the Records Section of the Loveland Police Department at 970-962-2267.


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